Did you know that Mahala offers a corporate products suite that offers a solution for all your business needs? Contact us about:

MAHALA FINANCIAL SERVICES is a registered FSP#:21961.

The Mahala Corporate Product Suite brings your company a one-stop solution with:
1. A personal Travel Desk with massively discounted rates;
2. Employee benefits such as Funeral Plans and Medical Insurance; and
3. A tailored Loyalty and Rewards Platform offering discounts with retailers across South Africa, digital coupons with all major grocery outlets, and other benefits including earning points in their e-Wallets.
The value that the Mahala bouquet of corporate products offers you as a company, is a longstanding partnership that supports the well-being, security, and quality of life of your employees.

Contact one of our Corporate Consultants to assist you with a solution or simply download our Corporate Suite brochure for more information here.