MAHALA… The Financial Service Provider!

MAHALA … The Financial Service Provider!
The Loyalty Programme is powered by The Mahala Loyalty Programme (PTY) Ltd, Registration no: 2001/030145/07, FSP Number: 21961. Mahala Loyalty Programme is herein referred to as “MLP”
We often get the question: “What are funeral cover/policies going to do for me that my life insurance has not already provided for?”

Life insurance forms part of the deceased’s estate as a whole and is often required when a person undertakes a financial loan or incur other interests that require some sort of collateral. The problem with life insurance is that it will be handled as part of the decease’s estate which means that the family may not be able to access the funds required for a funeral at the time that it is needed.
Funeral cover is thus an amount that is paid out into a second party’s bank account at the time the insured person passes away.
This money is not intended to pay off outstanding dept or any other form of payment other than covering the cost of the decease’s funeral.

When we look at it that way it is easy to understand why each and every one of us has to provide financially for our own funerals. Taking care of a loved one’s remains is a painful and stressful time worsted when there are inadequate funds to show your last respects.

Although there are many different views on the subject of funeral policies or funeral cover, it remains clear that you can not save your money in a bank for funeral costs in a normal savings account nor can you take the risk of making your mattress your financial security for the future.

What to look at when you are shopping for a funeral policy:
1. You need to assess your own individual needs. Are you an individual, married without children, or do you have an entire family to cater for?
2. Now you can research the market. It is important to know who the underwriter of the funeral policy is before you make a decision on price. Choose a company who’s funeral policy underwriter is a well respected and trusted name in the market.
3. Compare apples with apples. There are many different funeral policies to choose from today. Their difference lies in the small print, often overlooked in the search for the cheapest premiums.
4. Is the sales company an authorized financial service provider?
5. Find out if the plan can become paid up or expire at a certain age?
6. And then most important of all. Look for a policy that gives you something in return while you are still alive.

Mahala, a FSP and trusted funeral policy provider:

Mahala Loyalty Programme is an authorized financial service provider that administrates and markets Funeral policies.

All our agents undergo strict training and are fully accredited before they are allowed to advice our clients. Our policies pay-out cash to the beneficiary with in 48 hours after all necessary documents have been received. And our affiliation with Doves funeral homes, one of the largest funeral homes in the country gives our clients an extra R1000.00 cash back on their funeral arrangements.
The best part of all is the loyalty programme that works in affiliation with our funeral policies.

You can earn points on your premiums every month and also when shopping at our points partners across the country, giving you cash value back in your pocket while you are still alive.
Call our call centre on 0860 MA HA LA today to find out more about our amazing products and choose a funeral cover that will give you something back today!