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The cost of living has increased significantly, but what if we told you that Mahala Direct can offer you short-term insurance solutions that are both personalised and affordable?

Why Mahala Direct?
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We bring you the best quotes sourced from 14 reputable companies offering comprehensive short-term insurance including vehicle, household, personal liability cover, and more.

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Speak to a real person (no AI) who will conduct a needs analysis to determine your needs and provide a personalised solution that suits your requirements and lifestyle.

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With us, you are not just another client – you are THE client! That’s exactly why we put time and effort into bringing you a solution that puts your needs first.

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Get instant access to more than 2 000 deals every month to save on groceries, traveling, beauty, education, and even DIY!

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Not only do you save on everyday shopping, but to sweeten the deal, you also earn points on your premiums every month to bump up your e-wallet and spend with our points partners.

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We offer no-obligation, FREE quotes. So you have nothing to lose!

We don’t sell insurance. In fact, we don’t sell anything!
We simply offer peace of mind!

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