Single Member Only

Cover yourself with up to R50 000 funeral cover from as little as R125.00 per month (Ages 18 – 64 years). This plan INCLUDES the R500 Airtime Benefit and Accidental Death Booster Benefit.

PSA Single Member Plan

Funeral Cover R10 000 R20 000 R30 000 R50 000
18 – 64 years R22.00 R44.00 R70.00 R125.00
65 – 74 years R98.00 R147.00
75 – 84 years R236.00

PSA Extended Family Funeral Cover

Funeral Cover R10 000 R15 000 R20 000 R30 000
Up to 20 years R19.00 R28.00 R40.00 R60.00
21 – 60 years R45.00 R67.00 R89.00 R133.00
61 – 7- years R91.00 R137.00 R182.00 R273.00
71 – 80 years R205.00

R500 Airtime Benefit

In the event of an insured person's death, the beneficiary or claimant is provided with airtime to the value of R500.

Accidental Death Booster

Should the insured member pass due to death to an accident. An additional amount equal to the members funeral cover will be paid out to the nominated beneficiary.

Car Rental Benefit

Available only on the 18 - 64 years Plan. Enjoy 3 day Car Rental to assist with the funeral arrangements. This benefit is not included in the funeral plan.